Pressure Canning Meat

Bob loves to can meat. Seriously, his idea of date night is to buy 40 pounds of beef, chicken or pork and spend time together prepping and canning it.
We work together; I prep the bottles, he cuts up the meat and puts it in the jars. I prep the lids then put them on, he tightens the rings (anyone who knows me will NEVER pick up a jar by it's lid). I fill the canner, he carries it to the stove. From that point on it's all Bob. He babysits it while we talk. I don't worry about the rest until it's time to wipe up the jars and put them on the shelf. 
absolutely ADORE those rows of bottles on the shelf. It gives me a sense of security. Plus I am a really lazy and bad cook. With the meat already cooked and ready to go dinners are a breeze.

Links to Recipes for Using Pressure Canned Meat
Boneless Skinless Chicken
Carol's Chicken Spaghetti
Chicken Cornbread Pie
Cindy's Crockpot Chicken Ole
Dev's Chicken Salad
Dev's Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas
Easy Baked Chicken Flautas
Heavenly Angel Chicken
Leah Tate Chicken
Southwestern Chicken
Tracy's Chicken Pot Pie
White Chicken Chili

Boneless Center-Cut Pork Loin
Denna's Chalupa Mix
Green Chili and Pork
Kim's Sweet Pork
Ground Beef

Top Round

Bobby's Chili
Heathers Refried Beans
Zucchini Black Bean Dip with High Fiber Chips

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