Update 2018 Birthday Buck

Check out the Talk Scripture Prayer assignment stickers and the I Am a Child of God personalized stickers

I haven't changed anything from the 2013 Birthday Buck, but I am offering it on dropbox as a .png so you can easily place a photo in the birthday buck without much editing. Also for those of you with photoshop, I have included a fully editable version.

The link to dropbox for the downloads is below.

Feel free to use these for non-commercial use.

Each coupon could be personalized with the child's name, picture and birthday. The other idea would be to make a bunch of coupons with the bishop's face and name.

The birthday buck has a little less than a .25" border of white around each buck, I was able to fit these 5 up on an 8.5" x 11" using the "non-printable space as part of the white background.

This Dropbox link will take you to both versions. Enjoy!

Lunch Sack Manger

Merry Christmas 2017

Several years ago I made these for all the children in primary. It was a kit for them to put together and came with a little bag of straw. 

The idea was to add a piece of straw to the manger for each act of kindness or service a family member performed. Hopefully this would foster the Christmas spirit in the home and warm the baby Jesus in the manger.

These files can be cut by hand or machine.

Everything needed to make the paper bag manger:
Brown lunch sack 
A little 3" x 3" piece of fabric
Straw or hay in a ziploc bag
These freebie images the dropbox link should open the folder with several versions of the files (jpg, pdf, dxf).

Here are some of the freebie images in the dropbox folder

Paper lunch sack manger template

Stickers for the front of the manger

The letter we sent home with the manger

Baby Jesus

Star Stickers for the handle of the lunch sack manger

Light the World 2017 Christmas Light Stickers

So many projects so little time :) but I want to share this freebie while it is still relevant. Light the World is a great way to make sure I keep Christ in Christmas. I made Christmas light stickers for my calendar and decided to make a sheet for each primary family in our ward.

Now I am sharing the free printable and cutable (is that a word) file with you!

Follow the dropbox links below for the files. You can download the sticker page in pdf form and print and cut them out by hand or machine. I use Cut Master 3 with my Graphtec CE6000-60. Silhouette users can download as a dxf. I have also provided a jpg version for good measure.

To learn more about way you can serve follow the link to Light the World 25 Ways, 25 Days

Light the World 25 Ways, 25 Days pdf version
Light the World 25 Ways, 25 Days dxf version
Light the World 25 Ways, 25 Days jpg version

If you have any questions use the contact link at the top of this page.

Primary 2 CTR A - Lesson Schedule 2018

I am working on getting the primary lesson schedules for 2018. Along with providing the teachers with a printed copy of our lesson schedule, I wanted to email them a copy that had links directly to the lessons on lds.org. I was able to create this in excel and save it as a pdf. I will update this post with an editable excel file as I have time.

Spreadsheet to track advancement from Primary to YW/YM

Download the Microsoft Excel document HERE.

Gather the children's birth dates from your units Leader and Clerk Resources (www.lds.org - My Account and Ward - Tools and Support - Leader and Clerk Resources).

Use the information you have gathered to replace the information in the first two columns of the spreadsheet.

Plan for Faith and God and Advancements.

Live Laugh Love Happily Ever After

It's Summer and that means it's Wedding Season. I have been wanting to try my hand at making greeting cards. We have a reception to go to tonight, so this was the perfect reason to waste a whole day crafting (and doing laundry).

The inspiration for this card came from This site although their cards are no longer available for sale.

Michaels has 12"x12" scrapbook paper on sale for 20 cents a sheet. One sheet made the envelope.

Another sheet made the background panels for the front and inside of the card.

The card was designed in Silhouette Studio and Cut on Silhouette Cameo. The blue lines represent crease lines for folds. The red lines represent cut lines. A single 12" x 12" piece of cardstock makes the back of the card, the gift card flap and the fold in hand elements.

An overlay of silver mirror finish adhesive vinyl was used for the ring. The "diamond" was not cut all the way through. I set the blade to just barely etch the vinyl. Then the vinyl was cut, aligned to the cardstock ring/diamond backing.

The hands interlock when the card is closed. The bride's pinky goes behind the groom's thumb. The bride's middle and pointer fingers go in front of the groom's hand. The bride's ring finger goes through the ring.

Ignore the bride's pinky, it really goes behind the groom's thumb.

To open the card pull the hands apart, taking the ring off the brides finger.

This "unlocks" the card.

The gift card slot folds up with one strip of tape runner adhesive just above the slot.

I used the Silhouette Mint to make a stamp for the inside of the card.

I am still a little new at the Mint. If I did it again I would not "fill in" the hands but make them line art.

So the total price of the card including the envelope is 60 cents for the sheet of cardstock and two sheets of scrapbook paper. I will use the stamped image multiple times so I am not counting the cost of it. I only used a tiny fraction of the mirror finish vinyl, so I am also not counting that into the cost.

Overall I am happy with how the card turned out. It will be fun to make it with different color combinations. I will have to hurry to Michaels before the paper sale is over :)

R2D2 from a 3 gallon Sterilite wastebasket - tutorial and Silhouette cut files

Our Cub scouts had their blue and gold celebration this week. I was asked to turn a 3 gallon Sterilite wastebasket into R2D2. The Primary 2nd counselor's parting words were "Don't go to a lot of effort we just need something simple" - ummm, does she even know me?

Here is the wastebasket from Sterilite's website

This project starts with a black swing-top 3 gallon Sterilite wastebasket painted white. A white wastebasket would have worked better in my opinion. I found this on Amazon. If you are adventurous and want to paint one white, I found the black version at Walmart.

I didn't take into account the taper of the wastebasket. I had to reposition a few of the vinyl pieces and when I attempted to, the white paint came off along with the vinyl. It wasn't hard to cut and assemble new pieces of vinyl, but I ended up hand placing each piece.

R2D2 all files cut and assembled.

The image above is what all of the layers of vinyl put together will look like. I used seven colors of Oracal 651 vinyl; 073 dark grey, 090 silver grey (metallic), 072 light grey, 086 brilliant blue, 031 red, 022 light yellow and 070 black. I usually usee Oracal 631 for my projects but Oracal 651 works better for this project because the wastebasket has a texture the 631 does not like.

The image above shows each individual piece. The red lines are weeding lines. The numbers indicate what pieces are assembled together. In other words the three parts that make up the octagon venty-porty thing just a little left on center at the bottom of R2D2 are numbered with a 6. The bottom layer is a blue octagon. Centered on that is the black octagon. The top layer would be the medium grey web looking octagon with the ring in the middle.

I am no math genius but I was able to measure and mostly figure out what scale everything needed to be. I ended up foregoing the dark grey file 2 because I ran out of time and space on R2D2's body. This was poor planning :)

R2D2 Head placement map
R2D2 Body placement map

After I figured out the scaling I made the placement maps for the head and body and then tried to make each part with it's layers to scale.

Using "select by color" then "by fill" I copied and pasted each layer (fill color) into a new Silhouette Studio file paying attention to the page size and cut borders. After each vinyl color was cut out and weeded, the placement maps were used to assemble the pieces and place the pieces onto the Sterilite wastebasket.

The body of the wastebasket was a piece of cake! The head was a little more difficult. The problem was how the vinyl would adhere to the complex curves of the wastebasket top. A quick search of the web provided the answer. Little bursts of heat with a hairdryer did the trick. The vinyl was put in place and just a few seconds of heat and a little tugging and rubbing down helped the vinyl conform to the lid of the wastebasket. The image above shows the before and after. The lower circled part was before the hairdryer tug and rub. The top circle shows how well the vinyl lays down after.

There he is behind the cutest Death Star centerpiece ever!


Click here to download Silhouette Studio cut files for this project.