Pies and Ties Invite Printables and Silhouette Studios cut file freebies

Yummy apple pie invitation for Pies and Ties Priesthood Preview Meeting. 

Before we get talking about the actual invite, below is and image of some of the things created for our 2014 Pies and Ties - Primary Priesthood Preview meeting. 

The links for the free downloadable pdfs and Silhouette Studio cut files in anticipation of our 2015 meeting are at the bottom of this post
I love a theme and was super excited that Pies and Ties was chosen again as the theme for our 2015 Priesthood Preview Meeting.

The invitation idea was adapted from One Charming Party and her Thanksgiving place card idea. It's an amazing idea and I love that she shared it.
Our invite was created using a 7-inch disposable pie tin (foil take out container) and a photo of a Walmart apple pie (good thing the married kids came over and ate the pie after the photos were taken.
 The pie wasn't perfect so after a little manipulation in Photoshop, it was laser printed on thick cardstock at high resolution.
The invite information was printed on cardstock and cut to fit the inside bottom of the "pie tin".
In a perfect world all of the invites would have Walmart mini apple pies in them. It was Saturday night, I was tired, and the Walmart I visited only had 4 apple pies. Executive decision time; the 4 boys who the meeting was for got the mini apple pies as filling for their tins. The leaders and Deacon's quorum members got dried apples. I've heard the dried apples were a disappointment. Hopefully they will be overjoyed with the selection of pie we have for refreshments at the end of the meeting and all will be forgiven!
After filling the tin, the pie image was placed on the rim of the container and topped with the clear plastic lid. The edges of the in were crimped around the  lid and the apple tag was attached.
The parts needed to make each pie invitation:

•7-inch foil pan and clear dome lid
•Round chalkboard invite
•4-inch square acetate (or 4-inch square piece of sandwich bag)
Walmart 4 ounce pie (88 cents in the bakery section of the store)
•Pie and apple tag image
Mini Pie Box template, patterned cardstock, acetate and adhesive

Follow this dropbox link - Free Download Apple Pie Invitation for pdf images to cut by hand* and Silhouette Studio files to cut by machine.

The instructions are pretty basic:
•Print the files needed and cut them out by hand or through Silhouette studio.
•Using double stick tape or sticky dots attach the pie invite information to the bottom of the foil pan,
•Assemble, fill and close the mini pie box.
•Attach the apple tag to the dome lid with a sticky dot.
•Fill the tin
•Put on the apple pie cut out and clear lid onto the foil pan rim and crimp the edges

*If cutting by hand, just cut a 7-inch circle and don't worry too much about the white border around the pie edges. When the foil pan is crimped around the image it hides the white border.

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