Pies and Ties Priesthood Preview 2015

Here are some pictures from the refreshment portion our 2015 Pies and Ties Priesthood Preview.
I didn't ask Mama's permission to show this cute young man's face so he is
a little cropped out, but he handed out programs before the meeting began.
No time for a backdrop :(   but used belt webbing, a bunch of ties and
three command adhesive hooks to hang the tie bunting and tie wreath
It was fun to see the boys faces as they came in and saw the refreshment table
in the back of the Relief Society room. A few made their pie choices early.

Refreshment table with cold "tied" water bottles and cloth "tie" napkins

The napkin ties held the disposable cutlery

The water bottles ties were made from ribbon. A sticky dot held the tail of the
tie and secured the tie to the water bottle. A well dress bottle is so important.

Each presidency member brought a couple of pies. We had a great selection

The buffet tiles were made with a 4-inch Home Depot tile. The raw edges were
painted with black fingernail polish. The labels had tie pattern backgrounds.

All of this was the unimportant part of the meeting. The spirit there was wonderful and the boys received some really great information and instruction and inspiration from their future leaders and the boys who will be in their quorum.


  1. How did you make the napkin "ties"?

  2. This is the best tutorial I could find showing the method I used. I did press it with an iron after each fold. It's such a fun way to fold napkins. Here is the video tutorial https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1e84hLUOyIM