Mini Pie Box with free pdf download and freebie Silhouette Studio cut file

This is the mini pie box created for the apple pie invitation for our 2015 Primary Priesthood Preview.

This box is the perfect size for a Walmart 4 ounce Apple Pie.

Only it's so sweet with it's pretty patterned cardstock outside and apple shaped window.

I based the template on the original box pie the pie came in. 

This is a small pie so the cardstock doesn't need to be really heavy. The template is 11.75-inches by 6.5-inches so use 12-inch by 12-inch cardstock. 
Screenshot of pie box template - download below

To cut by hand print the free pdf download: Pie Box Template 12 by 12Pie Box Template 12 x 12 directly to the back side of 12-inch by 12-inch cardstock.  If you don't have the ability to print that large, you can place the template on a thumb drive, your local copy store can print it for you. Using a dried up ink pen, score the blue lines and cut the red lines.

 Open Pie box for 4 ounce pie in Silhouette studio. In case the settings on the download don't hold, these are the settings that work for me. 

The blue score lines setting are: Silhouette Ratchet Blade-2, Speed-10, Thickness-5 and double cut unchecked. These are the settings that work for me. Trial and error will find your perfect settings. 

I do not cut a dotted or dashed line for my score lines. I like the cleaner look of a solid line barely cut into the stock. I cut on the patterned side of the cardstock.

The Red Cardstock Cut settings are: Ratchet Blade-2, Speed-10, Thickness-33 and double cut checked. You may find that the settings need to be changed for the cardstock you use.
Once the box is scored and cut, you will need a 4-inch by 4-inch window out of acetate. I think a sandwich bag cut to 4" by 4" would work just as well if it was adhered across the apple window tight enough.
Run double sided adhesive across all four edges of the acetate and adhered it to the inside "lid" of the pie box
After folding the "flaps" in... 
apply double sided adhesive as indicated by the shaded areas.
Adhere the small flaps on the box bottom to the box sides as pictured below.
Tuck the pie and it's tin into the box for a cozy rest.
For the Pies and Ties invite. it was placed into a 7-inch disposable container...
and topped with an image of an apple pie

It's a fun little box. Enjoy!

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