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It's Summer and that means it's Wedding Season. I have been wanting to try my hand at making greeting cards. We have a reception to go to tonight, so this was the perfect reason to waste a whole day crafting (and doing laundry).

The inspiration for this card came from This site although their cards are no longer available for sale.

Michaels has 12"x12" scrapbook paper on sale for 20 cents a sheet. One sheet made the envelope.

Another sheet made the background panels for the front and inside of the card.

The card was designed in Silhouette Studio and Cut on Silhouette Cameo. The blue lines represent crease lines for folds. The red lines represent cut lines. A single 12" x 12" piece of cardstock makes the back of the card, the gift card flap and the fold in hand elements.

An overlay of silver mirror finish adhesive vinyl was used for the ring. The "diamond" was not cut all the way through. I set the blade to just barely etch the vinyl. Then the vinyl was cut, aligned to the cardstock ring/diamond backing.

The hands interlock when the card is closed. The bride's pinky goes behind the groom's thumb. The bride's middle and pointer fingers go in front of the groom's hand. The bride's ring finger goes through the ring.

Ignore the bride's pinky, it really goes behind the groom's thumb.

To open the card pull the hands apart, taking the ring off the brides finger.

This "unlocks" the card.

The gift card slot folds up with one strip of tape runner adhesive just above the slot.

I used the Silhouette Mint to make a stamp for the inside of the card.

I am still a little new at the Mint. If I did it again I would not "fill in" the hands but make them line art.

So the total price of the card including the envelope is 60 cents for the sheet of cardstock and two sheets of scrapbook paper. I will use the stamped image multiple times so I am not counting the cost of it. I only used a tiny fraction of the mirror finish vinyl, so I am also not counting that into the cost.

Overall I am happy with how the card turned out. It will be fun to make it with different color combinations. I will have to hurry to Michaels before the paper sale is over :)

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