I Am a Child of God

The Primary theme for 2013 is "I Am a Child of God". I am primary secretary in our ward primary so I thought it might be fun to make stickers with the children's names and faces on them for primary birthdays.  This cutie is my niece.

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I want to share so please feel free to use these images and files for non-commercial uses.

Image of the blank stickers without the background needed to print

Click the link below for a full page of stickers (with the background needed). Save and then place into your page layout program to personalize with the child's name and picture.
Blank 2013 Theme Stickers

Image of the file used in die cutting program to cut out the individual stickers
Click the link below for the cutlines. Save and merge into your die cutting software.


  1. Wow! They are so cute! Heather loves them too.

  2. I am glad she loves them because in testing the printing and cutting I have a bunch for her. I should make them for your A.D. Girls too.

  3. Is this possible to use without a cutting machine?

  4. Cate, Follow the link below for a jpg of the file. You can place your pictures and names, print it out and then cut it with scissors. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z1Yyspp9ddtU_wvLdGKk8vTMBM3lLiwT/view?usp=sharing