Silhouette Mint Stamp Kits and Stamp Sheet Sets from Swing Design

Hubby ordered my kits from Amazon through Swing Design and they arrived 5 days later! I thought people interested in Silhouette Mint might like to see what it looks like when the order is opened.

All the Kits and Sheet Sets matched up

There are 7 sizes of stamps and a total of 21 stamp sheets but lets just take a look at the 45mm x 90mm Stamp Kit.

The back of the 45mm x 90mm Stamp Kit box shows the actual size of the stamp. I talked to my local Joanns. They will be selling the Kits and Stamp Sheet Sets in December so seeing the actual size of the stamp on the back of the box might come in handy.

When the box is opened there is another protective box that the Stamp Kit sits in.

The kit is protected yet again in a plastic bag

Here is the 45mm x 90mm kit: stamp mount with it's lid to the right, 2 labels, 1 stamp sheet in it's cardboard holder, 1 stamp block.

The 45mm x 90mm stamp sheet is just about the right size to make a stamp for a business card.

So a customized full-color business card on almost any kind of stock seem like a great idea. The stamp is just a little longer than the business card a standard business card is just a little bit wider.

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