Miracle Wash AKA PBW

I love this stuff! It breaks down organic matter and cleans the daylights out of EVERYTHING!

Back Story:
Several years ago we ran an Italian Soda Bar for family and friends at parties and wedding receptions. 

Because the soda water was plumbed through a tank, cold plate and dispenser, we needed a way to keep everything clean and sanitary. We researched a little and found that home and commercial brewers use  PBW or Powdered Brewery Wash to clean brewing utensils, tubing and equipment. We realized that just prior to washing this would help clean debris out of our equipment. 

Our youngest was still in high school and helped us quite a bit with shopping, setting up and running the soda bar. One day he complained commented that the time in-between Saturday sessions of General Conference should not be spent with your child in a brewery supply store. But funny enough for two years in a row that is where we found ourselves every six months on those dates specifically to purchase PBW. It is amazing stuff. It is also expensive.

In the interest of keeping our child out of the brewery supply store and to find a cheaper alternative, I did a bunch of research and after months (because I am that slow) I found that PBW is made from two specific chemicals that break down the enzymes in organic matter and bleach stains.

ORGANIC MATTER! I realized that meant that not only would this work on food surfaces but also clothing.  I started mixing, using and giving away bottles of what I name Miracle Wash. Now I want to share it here. Please use and store this cleaning agent as you would any household chemicals and cleaners. Please take special care around children and pets.

Miracle Wash

Miracle Wash  Ingredients
2 parts - Sodium Metasilicate
1 part - Sodium Percarbonate

Where to find the Ingredients   
You can mail order these ingredients in bulk on the web.

To purchase locally from the hardware store and grocery store, here are some hints.

Sodium Metasilicate is the ingredient found in the TSP alternative TSP/90 Red Devil. Check the ingredients to make sure the only ingredient listed is Sodium Metasilicate. I found mine for $11 at Ace Hardware.

Sodium Percarbonate can be found in the laundry isle of the grocery store. It is in Oxiclean Versatile or Oxiclean Free. Make sure there are no dyes, perfumes or additives. You do not want a off brand which may contain an active ingredient other than Sodium Percarbonate. Do not substitute Sodium Peroxocarbonate or Sodium Peroxodicarbonate. These are not valid alternatives

Miracle Wash  Mixing Instructions
Measure (I like measuring by weight) then carefully (to reduce dust) pour the ingredients into an airtight container and close the lid.  A 2-gallon Ziploc Freezer bag works well for this purpose. Shake and turn over the container or bag to mix well. 

The mixture must be mixed and stored dry
It would be a BIG mistake to store it as a concentrated liquid. The Sodium Percarbonate releases oxygen and the container would burst into a horrific mess. Again as with any cleaning product Miracle Wash needs to be stored in a container that cannot be opened by children or pets.

Using Miracle Wash on underwear, white shirts and other clothing
This mixture will irritate you hands so wear vinyl or latex gloves once you add water to it.  This is not a soap or a detergent. The items will need to be washed  after soaking. 

When ready to use, fill a plastic bucket with 1 gallon of hot water. Mix in 1 tablespoon for lightly soiled items and 2 tablespoons for heavily soils clothing. Do not cap or lid the bucket. Do not place the bucket in reach of children or pets.

The Sodium Metasilicate is a digester which breaks down the enzymes in organic matter. The Sodium Percarbonate is a oxygenated bleach - a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soda ash.

Underwear soaked in this solution comes out WHITE. Sodium Percarbonate is an oxygenated bleach, be careful about using it on colored items. 

After soaking no scrubbing should be needed. Water will appear dirty and the stains on the clothing should be gone.

Soak for desired time then dump the bucket with Miracle Wash water and clothing directly into the washing machine. Wash clothing on short cycle setting (hot water is preferable) without detergent. When wash cycle has completed, wash clothing a second time on short cycle with detergent.

Miracle Wash Labels Free Download
Print out and cut PDF labels by hand. Silhouette Studio Labels can be downloaded, printed and cut on label stock. Jar and Lid Labels for Miracle Wash

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