Creating Silhouette Mint stamps outside the Mint Studio application

The Silhouette Mint Studio application has a few really fun things for example - shapes, frames, curved text and crop to shape. The application is pretty simple and straight forward. Anyone can use the application even if they don't own the Mint you can download it here:
Silhouette Mint application software and driver

I might have fun with some of the goodies in Mint not to mention the application comes loaded with a library of 50 designs...

but for those who don't want to spend time learning a new application, simple and as intuitive as it may be, there are other solutions.

A new or previous Silhouette Studio designs can be opened and altered right in Mint Studio.

An image created in Photoshop and almost any other image can be opened in Mint Studio.

 One word of caution, as I found with my first stamp the results of a complicated design or a design with small images and/or thin lines might not look as good as a stamped image depending on the size of the stamp.

Below are two images I had previously created in Silhouette Studio. I think they would work very nicely as stamps.

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