Halloween Smarties Riddle Box

In October 2006 Bob had just made me my first web gun. 

I had a ton of fun shooting spider web on dead trees

and shooting spider web on a broken umbrella

and making several Halloween cards by shooting web onto black cardstock. Then an idea entered the crazy-woman brain.

I shot web on the inside of laminating pouches, laminated them with the web inside and cut and folded them into boxes.

These labels were placed on the front and back of the boxes

120 Halloween riddles were found. The riddle was printed on the outside of the wrap, pared with Halloween backgrounds. The answer was printed on the inside. 24 riddles and answers per page for a total of 5 pages front and back. 

The wrappers were cut out and simultaneously laminated and attached to the wrapped Smartie rolls  with clear packing tape. 

The last step was to stuff the boxes with Smarties and doorbell ditch a few ghouls.

Follow this link for a  pdf (print at full bleed) of the riddles: 

Follow this link for the front and back box labels:

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