Frankie My Dear, I Love You! Frankenstein Halloween Favor

Are you ready for a Halloween favor you can fill with treats?

This little guy was inspired by a candy jar I saw a few years ago on  The Sweet Spot: Halloween craftiness.

Mr Frankenstein Candy Jar (Photo from The Sweet Spot)

Halloween is a favorite for me and I fell in love (heart pumping, dizzy love) with "Mr. Frankenstein". The blog post said she bought him at Target so I assumed there had to be a few of "him" out there. I looked high and low for TWO YEARS on eBay, craigslist, everywhere. Was he out there waiting for me?

Nope, I found this guy but he was immature, silly and was no match for my one true love.

What do girls do when there are no perfect men around? We dream one up, so in 2012, I decided to make my own version.  I decided he should be pocket size so I could take my sweet little love with me everywhere. I had to marinate the idea for 9 months (because I am slow and was just getting back into Photoshop).

But for Halloween 2013,  I designed and named him "Frankie My Dear". I made 40 clones of Frankie and filled them with yummies!

Now I want to share him with you. The link for a dropbox files to download is below.  He is so easy (just like a good boyfriend should be). Print him on your printer or take him on a thumb drive to a copy store (if you are cutting him out with a Silhouette make sure you tell them not to center or scale the file).

The studio3 file is specifically for silhouette users. I don't know if my settings will hold so I will note them here. I used Mohawk Color Copy 98 (110 cover stock) which is pretty heavy, you may have to play around with your settings depending on what you print Frankie on. The settings for the blue score lines are: Ratchet Blade 2, Speed 10, and Thickness 5. The settings for the red cut lines are: Ratchet Blake 6, Speed 10, Thickness 33, and Double Cut checked.

The PDF file will work for crafters talented with scissors or a craft knife. Score at 4-inches and 5-inches measuring from the Frankies bottom.

Once Frankie was folded, I used a small craft bag for the goodies and stapled it to the back then used double-stick tape to attach the back to the front.

Frankie My Dear PDF and Studio3 files


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