A Parts of Prayer Sandwich

Looking for something else in my messy picture file I came upon this image today and it made me smile.

In September 2008 the primary sharing time theme was: I can pray to Heavenly Father and He will hear and answer my prayers. 

Part of my lesson focused on the parts of prayer and so the song I Pray in Faith went perfectly with the lesson I had planned for one of the weeks.

Anyone who knows me well, knows three things about me; I love a theme, I love visual aids and I love handouts!

I wanted to have some of the younger children to participate by coming up and helping make a "sandwich" while we talked about the parts of prayer

I made the actual "sandwich" by cutting some thin upholstery foam in to a bread shape. This sandwich was just a little bit larger than a real sandwich would be. I mixed a little white silicone caulking with some brown craft paint and painted the edges of the foam to look like crust.

The "jam" was deep purple sparkly craft paint mixed with clear silicone  caulking. After mixing the paint/caulking mixture was spread on a silicone mat to dry. After a day of drying, it was turned it over to dry the other side.

The "peanut butter" was dark brown craft pain mixed with white silicone caulking. It was dried the same way as the  "jam".

During the lesson we talked about the parts of prayer and how they can be compared to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 1st piece of bread: "I begin by saying "Dear Heavenly Father", peanut butter: "I thank Him for blessings he sends", Jam: "then humbly I ask Him for things that I need, 2nd piece of bread: "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Then we talked about the significance of each part of prayer.

I found little plastic zip top craft bags and placed a miniature card stock sandwich in each bag to send home with the children as a handout. 

I asked the children to sing the song every time they made a peanut butter sandwich.

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