Problem - Solution

What to do when you have one hefty dog who will eat all day (if food is out) and one skinny dog who eats a little here and there?  They Hefty dog always bullied the little dog out of her food unless we kept an eagle eye.

This is our solution
We purchased a clear bin so Chika wouldn't feel claustrophobic when she is eating. We glued her bowl to the bottom of the lid because at first she would scoot it all around. If it was near the mouse hole at one end of the bin, Harley was able to fit her head in and eat Chika's food.

One day when I tossed the bed up on the bin and when I turned around Harley was settled in. So now the dog bed has a place on top of Chika's dining room.

There is only one problem with this arrangement. Chika often brings a mouthful of food out and drops it in front of Harley. I guess she wants to share. Either that or it's extortion on Harley's part. In the 2 months since we have made this Harley has dropped back to her normal weight.

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  1. I think I need this at my house. It would be perfect for my dogs. Oh dang! It would be perfect for me! Do they make clear bins in big momma size?