Bead Board Garbage Cans

We wanted something other than the generic garbage can last year for our daughter's reception. So Bob made three of these and they fit right in with the rest of the decor. We used them five weeks later for our son's groom's dinner.

Since then we have been glad to lend them to various friends and family members for partys and receptions. We finally sold them on Craigslist. Our youngest son is so happy because he was so tired of loading and unloading them.

After R's birthday party I finally got a
good clear close-up picture of one of them.

This shows the lid off, the box in with a liner. I love that Bob made it easy to change remove trash and change out liners

Bob used a U-Haul box to hold the garbage bags.

Here is another view with the lid on. The top of the lid is plastic so it has been easy to wipe off any spills.

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  1. Oh sad to see them go. They are so pretty. But glad for Tanner's back. You guys make the coolest stuff