Camping Showers

I love being married to someone who is so brilliant and creative. Bob designed and built this shower for a campout. I think he said there will be 300 people there. He ordered black landscaping plastic to make the stalls private but we are still waiting for it to arrive. I will update this post with more pictures once he puts the plastic up.

Until then here is what he has so far.

Everything is held together with pipe and rail. This is the
same way Bob made the canopy for our daughter's reception.
He only had to buy a few fittings and cut some of our orginal
pipe to make it work.

The water is supplied through 1/2 irrigation tubing.
They will have a big water tank to supply the water.
For testing purposes we hooked it up to our emergency
preparedness water tanks.

Bob made the pump brackets out of pvc pipe. These really hold the pumps securely. The pumps (which were on sale at Harbor  Freight) are attached to the water supply and then to the shower head. 40 pumps will deliver 1 gallon. We had enough plastic to go around one stall. So we ran a little test and this is what we found.

2-3 pumps soak your hair
6 pumps rinse the shampoo out of your hair and wet your body
10 pumps rinse the soap from your body.

Thats a total of 19 pumps which equals only a half a gallon per shower unless someone decides to rinse and repeat.
He made the shower head is adjustable for tall or shorter people. These were made with electrical conduit fittings and PVC fittings. The shower heads came from the 99 Cents only store.

My sons, daughter-in-law and her sisters all helped us test
the water pressure. With all showers being pumped at the
same time we had plenty of water pressure.


So we didn't get a picture of them with doors but you can get the idea. The black plastic is clipped on with pvc pipe that has been cut into short lengths with a portion cut out to make it a c shape instead of round. He set it up with three showers on one side, three on the other.

Bob is back from camp. He set them up with really wide door flaps so that if the wind blew the campers wouldn't be exposed.

He said the sun hitting the black plastic made the stall warm. There were a few issues with air getting in the lines, the pump breaking (the boys pumped them harder that I did I guess), and the door flaps getting opened hard enough to pop the clips. In all cases he was able to make repairs and get everything back into running shape.

We are so ready for a Zombie Apocalypse. Okay not really but we will be clean.

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