Doily Wreath

My sister is such a great Estate Sale shopper. I mentioned I wanted to make a doily wall for Amber's baby shower and she produced this box of doilies. The were perfectly aged and beautifully lacy. If the sticker on the top of the first doily was correct she paid $3 for the entire box. WHAT A STEAL!

After the doily wall was finished I figured we needed something for the front door.

Some of the doilies had brown edges. I noticed the box had some damage and deeper into box, the brown edged doilies coincided with the damage. Also the doilies were really delicate and although I tried to be careful separating them, I sometimes tore an edge of the lace. That made them perfect for the wreath as I could hide a bad edge!

There are tutorials on the web that show how to roll the doilies into a cone shape but no matter how I tried it didn't work out. So... I created a cone with a piece of cardstock and used it as a template.

I made sure I used the brown or torn edge at the beginning

Then, using the cardstock cone, I rolled the doily onto itself trying to make sure I kept a sharp point at the end (this helps when putting the wreath together).

I put a few drops of hot glue on the last lacy edges and held it in place for about half a minute before removing the cardstock cone template.

I used a piece of old foam core and cut a circle 12" in diameter. I marked the center with a circle so I would know where to place the doily cones. The foam core is not the same thing as the foamboard used in the ruffle wall or doily wall. It is the kind of foam core found in the arts and crafts section of Dollar Tree and other stores).

I tried to divide the circle into four sections by attaching the first four doilies where I thought they should go with hot glue.

I filled in between each section with more doilies. I tried to make sure the lacy edge showed. Also, when I was rolling them, I made sure I rolled each doily in the same direction. The wreath didn't turn out perfect but it was cute.

I covered up the "hole" in the middle by fan folding each doily, folding it in half and using hot glue to attach 16 of those folded doilies together. Then I used  hot glue to attach the fan center to the wreath.

The wreath was topped off with a tiny bunting and hung on the door with a ribbon.

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