Doily Wall

Remember the paper towel Ruffle Wall

It was made for a bridal shower for my niece Jessica and then used again at the baby shower my son-in-law's sister's threw for my daughter.

There was another shower a couple weeks ago for another niece, Amber. I made the doily wall for that fun party. 

It became a double duty decoration as we used it last Saturday at the 1st birthday party my daughter and son-in-law had for their daughter.

Eisley is so dainty as she eats the frosting of f her 1st Birthday cake

The doily wall was made similar to the ruffle wall. I bought a piece of 8-foot by 4-foot foam board from Home Depot. I measured and drew lines every four inches. Then I hot glued the doilies on.

Here is the finished board before finished with the backdrop draping:

Here is the ugly wall of pine cabinets we wanted to cover with out backdrop:

Yes, this is is much better for a party backdrop

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