Ruffle Wall

I wanted a pretty 4' x 8' backdrop for Jessica's bridal shower. I love the blackout Panels from Pottery Barn

At $89 these were way beyond my budget. Sew them myself? Ha, with my limited skills, that would be a waste of time and money!

Then I saw this beauty at By Stephanie Lynn. She ruffled a 16" x 20" canvas with crepe paper.

It was perfect, only it would take forever to make the backdrop in the size I wanted using the rolls of crepe paper. Her directions were great, so I tried to think how I could adapt it to my project.

 I cannot cut a straight line to save my life and I am lazy, so my fabric of choice was Scott paper towels. The package I bought said "cloth like" or something that made me think I could use it as wonderful pre-cut strips of fabric.

Close up it is apparent that the "fabric" has perforations, but a foot away I don't think anyone would know. In fact after I have told people the ruffles are made from paper towel the first reactions is "no". Then they step up to touch the ruffles and look closely. 

I started with a 4 foot x8 foot sheet of 1-inch thick construction foam board. Mine had sheet of silver plastic adhered to the back but I don't think it matters. I used mine in the "portrait" position. I measured and drew a line with a sharpie at 1-inch and then every 5-inches. I liked how close together my ruffles were but it definitely would have looked good even spaced wider apart. Spacing closer together would have made the ruffles fuller or stand out more (I think).

I took 12 feet of paper towel (I think using less could make a looser ruffle and more could make a tighter ruffle). and ran it through the sewing machine doing tuck ruffles all down the length.  

The picture below shows the beginning of my stack of ruffles.

When I had made enough (what is this word enough and what does it mean) ruffles, I ran a line of glue down the sharpie lines and then just glued the ruffle to the foamboard.

I wanted to hang my "ruffle wall" so Bob reinforced the top corners with small squares of chipboard.

Then he punched a hole in it so I could string a length of tule through it.

I tied the tule together in behind and we hung it on nails in the wall.

I have to say I was pretty happy with it. I thought it made a cute backdrop for Jessica to open her presents.

Dev's Sister-in-law threw a baby shower for her in June. They also used it for the backdrop.

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