Dip and Scrape Base Icing for Sugar Cookies

Lazy girls find easy ways to get things done.

When I have a ton of sugar cookies to ice and decorate, this is my favorite way to get the base icing applied in a hurry.

This also provides options for further decorating the cookies. While the icing is still wet, colored icing can be piped on top for a seamless "printed on" look. On the other hand, once the icing is completely dry, colored icing can be piped on for the raised design look.

After the cookies are baked and cooled, I make a batch of 5 second Icing.

5 Second Icing Recipe
4 cups powdered sugar
1 tablespoon corn syrup
2 tablespoons water (I always need more but this is a starting point)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Mix all together until it's beautifully thick and creamy. Additional water can be added just a teaspoon at a time if needed. The proper consistency can be checked by drawing a line through the icing with a knife blade. Count 5 seconds (1-1000, 2-1000, etc...) at the 5 second mark, the line should be completely filled in.

Before I make the icing, I prepare a tray by securing a straw to it with a big rubber band. Some people use a wooden skewer. I like to use a huge milkshake straw. It is rounder and seems to make the process much easier.


I pour my icing into the prepared tray and begin by dropping a cookie face down into the icing. I let it take a little rest there for a few seconds. Nighty-night sweet cookie.

Okay that's enough. I lift up the cookie and give it a little twist to make sure the icing covers the entire face of the cookie. I pause just a second to let the extra icing stream off the cookie.

Using the straw, I gently scrape the excess icing from the cookie. After a few cookies there is just a feel to how much pressure to apply so there is just enough icing left on the cookie.

The cookies will stack and store well if left to dry for several hours. The icing will have a shiny hard outer shell.

The same icing, with just a small alteration, can be used to pipe decorations on the cookies. When making the icing add just enough water so that it takes 10 seconds for a knife blade line to fill in.

When I am going for the "printed on" look. I base ice 4 or 5 cookies, then pipe the decoration on. When I am going for the raised look, I base ice the entire batch of cookies. I start piping the decorations on the first cookie I base iced and it works perfectly.

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