Halloween Vinyl Decals

Update with instructions and Silhouette cutting file.

Anyone who knows me well knows that October is my favorite. In fact October and I are the best of friends.

I have always thought of October as the start of Arizona's best weather! It's our Spring, our time for renewal, outdoor fun, planting, etc... It is finally cool enough to really enjoy being outside when the sun is high in the sky.

I also love Halloween. Although, I am turning from the scary and gory towards the cutsie (I am a grandmother now after all).

So I made my version of the toilet peeper.

He looks pretty good on my trunk also!

I would like to share the link for my version of the toilet peeper and hope you will honor my terms of use. 

Please cut as many peepers to use for yourself or to give to others as you would like, but please do not sell the peeper file. Please do not sale the cut peepers. 

Please do not share this file directly or the link directly. If you would like to share this file with others, please share the direct link to this post. 

For those of you with a Silhouette cutting machine, You can download the file from Dropbox by clicking on this Ink Rust and Sawdust Toilet Peeper link. If I have time and enough people want the DXF file I can  share that too. I made some changes in Silhouette so the DXF file needs a few modifications and is not ready to go at this time. 

The Silhouette file contains two peepers. There are some extra lines in the file which I will explain below.

First I cut a piece of 12-inch by 16-inch vinyl and load it into my machine. 

Next in Cut Settings under Cut Conditions I choose Advanced

I uncheck all the lines except the blue lines which I use to make sure I have the vinyl loaded in straight so there won't be any scary surprises when the vinyl is cutting (if you have a Silhouette and cut long pieces of vinyl you know what I mean). 

After the blue lines are cut, I make sure my blade did a great "kiss cut" by weeding out the lower blue rectangle. I don't remove the vinyl from the machine I just weed the rectangle as the vinyl hangs out of the machine after finishing cutting the blue lines. 

After making sure the alignment and cut is fine, I uncheck the blue lines, check the red and green lines and let the Silhouette play it's sweet music for me!

The green diamonds are for cutting my two creepers apart . The other green lines are weeding lines I use the green lines to make weeding the creepers just a little easier. You may not need the green lines and can uncheck them before you cut.

If you have a Silhouette and cut vinyl you already know how to apply it. If you are new to vinyl, here is a Vinyl Application Instructions link for applying the finished peeper

I hope you enjoy cutting and applying the toilet creeper.


  1. DARLING!!! How can I get the file to cut out on my shillouete? If I may??

  2. I am glad to share. The post has been updated with a link to dropbox for the Silhouette .STUDIO file. Enjoy!