This morning I posted this ad on Craigslist

Later this morning I found these lovely words in my email inbox
This posting has been flagged for removal.
Please be sure to comply with posted guidelines and the CL TOU:
Information on flagging and community moderation is available:
Advice from CL users about flagging can be found in flag help forum:
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your understanding.
Before the ad was flagged I read and laughed at a post in the free postings that was a notice titled something like "Curb alert craigslisters". It was a rant about people who increase traffic in their neighborhoods by posting free things. The other complaint was that it was a waste of gas for the people who came searching after the curb goodies were gone.
When I saw that my post was flagged I immediately went to the free stuff section and saw that all "curb alert" titled items had disappeared.

I was not sure if the "Curb Alert" title caused the removal of my ad or not. I was a little miffed and wanted to pass on something great that worked for us to someone who could use it.
So I tried again and posted this ad:

 People responded. The majority of emails were like this one:
"I don't need it but I wanted to tell you that is a really good idea!"

But the there was this response: "I didn't flag, but my guess would be that a food aggressive bigger dog who wants little dogs waiting outside the box for little dog to emerge. Big dog is frustrated by now with little dog and as little dog attempts to exit safe place, big dog takes out anger on little dog for eating all the accident waiting to happen. I know you meant well for the little dog...but in dog world this is not a good situation. Maybe it worked for your 2 dogs...but another food aggressive situation could end up with a dead or injured dog. Passing it on to others is a very bad idea."

I really want to give the above person the benefit of the doubt and truly they may have just wanted to explain to me why my posting was flagged.

I decided to make a correction but just in case I hid it in this ad:

 Before anyone jumps to conclusions I did not drink 150 bottles of wine. We use to run a Non-Alcoholic Italian Cream Soda Bar for weddings and parties. We bought the boxes to store the flavored syrups in.

Now back to my Rant:

I am a little irritated to have to hide my FREE ad.

I am also a little concerned that there seems to be no understanding of personal responsibility. I want to pass on my item rather than putting it in the landfill. I happen to think most people are intelligent enough to figure out if this item is appropriate for their dogs.

Maybe I am missing something but I have a hard time believing a third party needs to protect "little dog" by flagging my free ad.


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