Family messages in a hymnbook project

Monday nights in our home we have Grandparent/Marrieds Family Home Evening. First we eat dinner and then we have a lesson or activity. Yesterday, our activity was to put messages in a Portuguese hymnbook for our dear missionary.

We chose the hymns we wanted to leave a messages on, then using the "Hymns Cross-Reference Chart"  (The link takes you to the Hymnal page. On the right hand side of the page under share choose the chart) we found the pages we needed in the Portuguese Hinos.

We will have it embossed before we send it to him!

Grandma and Grandpa went to Portugal on their mission
so they wrote their notes in Portuguese. He will love that!

I hope when he opens these pages he will feel our love and support.

Papa K tells it like it is! Sometimes we just like a hymn.

Dad added his thoughts

I was a piggy and did several pages. On this one I just wrote the scripture reference
I associate with "Where Can I Turn for Peace" right in the margin of the book.

Dal and Dev picked the same hymn. I love that and he will too.

Randy added scriptures. I love my Son-in-Law!

Kaylynn loves one of the hymns I love too. I am a very
blessed Mother-in-Law to have such a beautiful and sweet
girl. I think of her as my daughter and we love her so much.
Eisley Arrilla fresh from Heaven. We coated her
foot with red ink so she could step on the hymn
she dedicated to her Uncle: "I Am A Child of God"

 I was so enamored with holding her and doing this project that I forgot to get a contribution from our sweet Eisley last night at FHE.  So this morning I went to her house for a footprint. Oh life is sweet!

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