Low Tech Drip Irrigation System

My drip system starts with a raised 5 gallon bucket. Can you tell where I bought all my supplies for this project??
A 1/4" irrigation barb connector is pushed directly into the bucket. I put a brick in the bucket to add weight so the whole thing won't blow over when it is empty.
1/4" drip tubing is connected with 1/4" regular and T bars ending with adjustable 1/4" blubbers. These are staked down with thin wire so the dripping water will soak into the roots of each plant.
I planted 3 loofah seeds about 8 inches apart below each section of re-mesh. There are four sections of re-mesh. Now that the loofah has sprouted, five gallons of water a day for all 12 plants should be sufficient to grow the loofah. If I find the loofah needs more water I will add another five gallon bucket.

I can't believe how fast the loofah sprouted. I planted these seeds less than one week ago. I kept the ground constantly wet by giving each section about 8 to 10 gallons of water a day through the slow drip. Until the loofah sprouted I had a five gallon bucket with drip line at each section. The buckets were not raised and so there wasn't enough consistent pressure. Sometimes the drip system delivered the water sometimes it didn't. I think by raising the bucket the plants will get just enough water.

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