Pull out Trays

The cupboard on the left  is where I keep Grandparent/Married
FHE Dinner stuff. Do you see the pig cutting board Papa K made
for us? Do you see my little yummy hot chocolate bar in front
of the cupboard? Two of my favorite things that make me happy. 

This is the inside of the right cupboard. No shelves
very messy and before Bob made the pull out trays
the left cupboard looked even worse. The doors pull
out and then tuck up above the cupboards.

This is the inside of the left cupboard. All beautiful and organized.
Those aren't drawers. They are trays that sit on supports attached to the cupboard walls. I LOVE THIS CUPBOARD. There are many things Bob has built that I love but this cupboard I adore.
The bottom tray stores glasses and a nice big stack of plates.

The second tray stores pitchers, disposable plates (for when I am really super lazy) and napkins. I only use these pitchers for company theyare only acrylic because I'm not good with glass and breakables.

The top two trays store my flatware. They are mirror finish so
I only hand wash them. I didn't want them getting all scratched
up by just throwing them together in a drawer. I made a little drawer organizer based on this sticky backed universal tool divider system.

I didn't feel like paying $12 but I wanted something that would
hold the flatware and keep it from scratching up the other pieces.

So I bought air conditioner weather strip foam that was 2.25 inch square by 42 inches. BONUS it was on clearance at Walmart. I got a package of two pieces for only $1.50. The foam was too long, so I took an electric carving knife and cut it to fit the tray width. Then I took some boards that were half of the 2.25" height. I laid them on either side of the foam and used them as a guide to cut the foam in half lengthwise. Then I marked every three-quarters of an inch on the boards and made cuts down into the foam but not through the foam. This is where each piece of flatware sits. I was going to use tape that was double-sided to stick the dividers to the tray BUT (and this is a happy but) with the flatware in place, the dividers are more than heavy enough to stay perfectly in place. So when I don't want to use these dividers anymore the tray is still unaltered.

BTW: Grandparent/Married FHE Dinner is when our
Married children and their Grandparents come eat dinner
with us and then we have a Family Home Evening lesson.

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