Stupid Stuff I Made

Heather's bright idea. Sealed pop-top can with candy inside

Another of Heather's idea I stole. Cute coconut and chocolate
nest topped with candy eggs. In a crunchy cellophane bag
tied with a ribbon that has a bouncy chick attached to it.

Heather's idea. Hmmm maybe we have a trend here. Listen to
Heather's cute idea and steal it then claim it as my own.

I came up with this idea all by myself. I laminated printed paper between a laminating pouch. Then I cut it and folded it like a milk carton. Inside it I put smarties. The wrappers I made for the smarties had a riddle on the outside and the answer on the inside. The cobweb card was made by hooking an air compressor
up to a glue gun and blowing thin strands of hot glue onto the card.

Orange slices wrapped in cellophane to look like a pumpkin.
I saw this idea at a fall boutique.

Smarties with riddles on the outside of the wrappers and answers on the inside.

Cobweb card made with modified glue gun

Love the mummy spoon. Just
something to tuck into a treat

This is something Tanner made at my request
it is a camping/emergency preparedness sink.
Everything stores in a 5 gallon bucket. The
water is pumped through the pvc pipe  with a
foot pump.

We made these rice filled scented pot-trivets for Christmas one year.

This was also an air-compressor/hot glue gun project. It looked so creepy. I want to do it again but Bob wanted to make me a better modified glue gun to do it. Maybe I will get one for my Birthday.
These were milk carton boxes made out of clear hot laminating pouches.

I think this was for a dance for Dallin's Junior year. He made a pinata bomb full of candy and I think these went along with it. I remember we took some James Bond type pictures to go with it.

Fruit bouquet for Liza's Birthday several years ago.

This is a cardboard box covered with a dollar store plastic tablecloth. I left the back open so I could weigh it down (and hold it down if necessary. I cut holes just a little smaller than some 32ounce foam cups I bought. I actually slipped two cups in each hole. The first cup acts as a placeholder. The second cup had a piece of paper with question, activity or song to sing. I cut circles out of tissue paper and glued them over the rims of the cups. When it was a child's turn they came up and picked a color and punched it out to get the paper inside. I did one set for Senior Primary and had a separate set ready to slip into the placeholder cups for Junior Primary.

These were hard candy favors for Jill's Bridal Shower.

These are the 12 Days of Hot Chocolate I made and sent to Dallin in Connecticut. I printed and laminated and folded them into bags. I put single servings of 12 different flavors of Hot Chocolate (+ 1 apple cider) into each bag. Then I sealed them shut. Last year we did a similar thing only with 2 flavors of Hot Chocolate and we made cardboard milk cartons and a little holder.

This was for a "Parts of Prayer" Sharing Time I did years ago. The bread is foam rubber. The edges were painted on with a mixture of acrylic craft paint and latex calking. The jelly was sparkly acrylic craft paint mixed with clear silicone calking. The peanut butter was latex calking mixed with craft paint.

As we sang the song I had the children come up and help me make the sandwich. When they left for home they had a construction paper sandwich to take home with the lines to the second verse of the song and scripture references.
I love the simplicity and message of this song.  How secure a child can feel knowing that he or she can communicate with his or her Heavenly Father.
I kneel to pray ev’ry day.
I speak to Heav’nly Father.
He hears and answers me
When I pray in faith.
I begin by saying “Dear Heavenly Father”;
I thank him for blessings he sends;
Then humbly I ask him for things that I need,
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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