Grateful People are Happy - Free Download Silhouette Studio Cut File

I have been wanting to finish this board, and was finally able to  carve out a few minutes to get it done today. The words were cut in dark brown vinyl and the leaves were cut in gold and copper vinyl.

The board the vinyl was applied to, is a 20-inch by 34.5-inch unfinished drawer from a local woodworking supply store.

The first step was to design the file in Silhouette Studio.

Under "Design Page Settings" the width was set at 20-inches and the height was set at 34.5-inches. The "Show Print Border" and "Show Cut Border" were unchecked so the file could be designed at full size without annoying lines.

The Silhouette obviously can't cut vinyl 20-inches wide, so after the file was designed it was divided into 3 sections (leaves come later). Each section was placed on a separate file which used "Design Page Settings" of: 20-inches wide by 12-inches tall.

Boxes around the words make weeding the design easier. The diamonds correspond to the red lines in the design file. Keep reading the directions below and hopefully it will make sense.
The red lines on the design file are for alignment purposes only and were indicated on the board (drawer) only on the far left and far right sides with temporary marks measured from the bottom of the board at: 8.75-inches, 20.75-inches and 32-inches.
The first two files to be applied were: "Its not Happy people" (top phrase) and "who are Happy" (bottom phrase). The left and right points of the diamonds at the top of the "It's not Happy people" file were aligned to the temporary marks at 32-inches from the bottom. The left and right points of the diamonds on the "who are Happy" file were aligned to the temporary marks at 8.75-inches.

The leaves were placed and cut in a separate file 12-inches high by 18-inches long. The "Leaves" file was cut twice ones in gold vinyl and then in the copper vinyl (there were extra leaves). There is a leaf applied under the word "grateful". That leaf was applied right before applying the "who are grateful" file.

Next, the "who are grateful" file was applied aligning the left and right points of the diamonds to the temporary marks at 20.75-inches .

The vinyl diamonds and temporary marks were removed and the four remaining leaves were applied. All of the leaves were placed by eye, paying attention to the position of leaf as well as it's proximity to other items on the board.

To download the Silhouette Studio files, click on Grateful People are Happy

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