Chocolate Lover's Basket

I made a Chocolate Lover's Basket for my friend Sue's Birthday.

I could have just assembled stuff, but I had
to make some labels and add some ribbon.

I had to hide the manufactured stuff...

and add things she already has but probably doesn't have a label for.

I hid the Duncan Hines Chocolate Glaze and
put crushed cinnamon disks in a little container.

I found these ceramic containers with scoops at Walmart.
They worked perfectly for the Hot Chocolate Mix and
Microwave Cake Mix (found the recipe on Pinterest).

Here is everything packaged up cute.

Now for the good stuff. Below are printables to make your own Chocolate Lover's Kit.

I never print directly from the Silhouette program.

With Bob's help, I figured out where the registration marks need to be on an 8.5" x 11" page so that Silhouette does not scale before it cuts. I locked the layer with the registration marks on it and saved the document as a PSD. When I am printing something that needs to be cut by the Silhouette, I open the registration marks document, make a duplicate and layout my design. This way I never mess up the registration marks.

It doesn't matter if I am printing directly from Photoshop or sending the file to the printer, the registration marks come out perfect everytime. The Silhouette program does a great job of finding the registration marks and cutting the design.

Click on the picture. When it goes to the little slide show thing, right click and choose copy. Paste it into Photoshop, Publisher, etc... and scale it to 8.5 x 11". The registration marks should be .5" top and sides and 1.025" at the bottom. This is also the settings for the Silhouette in the Registration Marks tab.

How the tags should look when printed

The file to print for use with the Silhouette program.

Merge this file into the Silhouette program. Chose automatically detect
registration marks. Make sure the registration marks tab is set at .5" for
the top and sides and 1.025" for the bottom.

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